The UX Design Dream Job Guide Pack with 50+ PDF Guides & Templates

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Jobseekers Take An Average of 5 Months to Find a Job in 2024.

Based on the jobs report from The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics in August 2023.

Do you have at least 5 months of savings to support you and your loved ones?

With over 224k people laid off in 2023, your chances of getting hired drops every day.

With inflation and interest rates rising, your daily cost of living gets more expensive too.

Getting a job fast has never been more important than today.

By focusing not only mastering your design skills, but also on your career skills.

And these career skills are what most jobseekers lacked.

Stop Making This Mistake

If you're job hunting as a UX designer and...'re applying to 100s of job postings, but aren't seeing any results. think your resumé and portfolio are great, but you keep on experiencing radio silence. graduated from a UX Bootcamp or completed a Google UX Course, but it doesn't seem to be enough.

All because you've been taught by your professors, instructors, and mentors to develop your design skills.

But not developing your career skills in helping you land your dream job.

Nothing Stings More Than Being Ignored.
But How Do You Get Noticed?

"Just have a good UX portfolio" is bad advice.

Good UX portfolio alone is not enough.

Your dream job search strategy needs to be great, or nobody will notice you.

The #1 reason I see designers struggling to get noticed by recruiters and hiring managers is they have no idea how to stand out and get their attention.

So let's change that.

Ready to Land your Dream UX Job?

Over the past 10+ years of coaching and mentoring over 100+ designers in my career, I became obsessed with how the top 1% of designers land their dream jobs without applying to hundreds of jobs.

Once I learned the dream job strategies and tactics, I landed my dream job multiple times over my decade long career.

And today, I'm offering you the exact strategies and tactics on how to do just that.

The UX Design Dream Job Guide Pack

This is it - the Complete Collection of my best UX Design Dream Job Guides, all neatly packaged up and read to go.

These are the exact methods I spent over $100k learning and used to land multiple dream jobs over my decade long career.

As well as 100+ designers whom I have coached and mentored to get unstuck, noticed, and hired for their dream jobs.

Simple, Easy to Use Guides

1 - The Perfect LinkedIn Profile for Product/UX/UI Designers

2 - Land Your Dream Job in 7 Steps - Go From Frustration to Fulfillment

3 - Steal My Dream Job Secrets That Got Me Hired!

4 - Master the Art of Storytelling for your UX Case Study using PEARL

5 - Steal My UX Case Study Structure That Got Me Hired!

6 - Outshine the Crowd as a UX Designer with a Minimum Valuable Pitch (MVP)

7 - Ace Your Next UX Interview with CIRCLES & Impress Interviewers!

8 - Steal My Job Interview Secrets That Got Me Hired!

9 - Unlock Your Dream UX Design Job with the 5 Levels of Value Contribution

10 - Conquer the Tough UX Job Market by Becoming a Value Creator!

11 - Unlock the UX Job Market: The Power of Referrals

12 - How To Find Work-Life Balance Without Losing Your Soul & Burnt-out

13 - Steal My Resume/CV Secrets That Got Me Hired

14 - Unlock the Secrets to Double Your Tech Salary

15 - Steal My Salary Negotiation Script That Added $15K

16 - The UX Job Search Formula Revealed to Get 3x More Interviews

17 - 11 Steps To A UX Case Study That Got Me My Dream Job

18 - Steal My UX Impact Secrets That Got Me Hired!

19 - Steal My 5S Framework to Land That Dream UX Job!

20 - Steal My 3-Fit Analysis That Managers Always Seek!

21 - Here’s How I Broke Through These 3 UX Hiring Barriers

22 - Master the Art of Networking - Land Your Dream UX Job

23 - How to Tailor Your Resume to Land Your Dream UX Design Job

24 - This Will Change The Way You Search for UX Jobs Forever

25 - How To Nail A Cover Letter That Gets Interviews!

26 - How I Destroy My Limiting Beliefs in 6 Steps

27 - Ace Your Next Job Interview With This Power Intro

28 - Pro Tips For A Successful LinkedIn Summary

29 - Steal My Script To Answer - Why Should We Hire You?

30 - Turn Your UX Internship into a Dream Job Launchpad!

31 - How I Turned My Resume Into A UX Interview Magnet!

32 - Unlock My UX Case Study Formula That Gets Interviews

33 - Accelerate Your Dream UX Job Search in 2024

34 - Copy My LinkedIn Headline Tricks To Stand Out!

35 - ATS Myths Busted: Make Your Resume Stand Out!

36 - Steal My Goal-Setting Blueprint for an Amazing 2024

37 - Transform Your Job Search: Say Goodbye to Spray and Pray in 2024

38 - Debunking 3 Job Hunting Myths in 2024 for Jobseekers

39 - How To Become A Successful UX Job Seeker in 2024?

40 - How To Ace Your UX Whiteboard Challenge with the IDEAS Framework

41 - Land Your Dream UX Job In 2024 With These 3 Steps

42 - Visualize, Act, Achieve: My UX Job Hunt Victory!

43 - Unlock the Secrets to Effective Networking

44 - Unlock the Door to Your Dream UX Job with Referrals

45 - Beat Tough Job Interviews with These 4 Easy Moves!

46 - Why Do UX Recruiters Ghost You?

47 - Why It’s Hard to Get Referrals?

And these bonuses:

+ 3 Resume Templates

+ 2 Resume Samples

+ 1 Comprehensive 25-page UX Case Study Guide + Workbook + Examples

+1 LinkedIn Profile Templates for Headlines and About Section + Examples

Last Updated: 5 May 2024.

"Permanent Beta" Roadmap

This price will continue to increase as new content is added.

I'll continue to be adding more content to this collection to cover more topics like:

  • Defining your ideal role
  • Identifying your dream company
  • Resume and portfolio/case studies
  • Job application strategies
  • Job search hacks
  • Networking and leveraging LinkedIn
  • Navigating through interviews and challenges
  • Salary negotiation tips
  • Overcoming limiting beliefs and imposter syndrome
  • Crafting a standout cover letter and case study
  • Strategies for the first 90 days in your new job

By Q1 2025, this price will exceed $50.

Money Back Guarantee

Not sure if it's worth it? I get it.

If you don't feel like it was worth your investment, just let me know and I'll refund you in full.

No questions asked.


How much does it cost?

You'll get the complete collection of The UX Design Dream Job Guide Pack for $30. Price increases on 31 May 2024.

Will it really work for me?

I created The UX Design Dream Job Guide Pack because the #1 mistake I see with UX designers is having an ineffective job strategy and tactics (or none at all).

Yes, this will work for you if you put in the time and effort to implement the strategies in these guides.

What if it doesn't though?

I'll refund you in full. No questions asked.

Why am I doing this?

My mission is to simplify the job search process for job seekers in the Product/UX/UI design industry.

Because I have witnessed firsthand on how universities, boot camps, and online courses don't prepare UX job seekers to get a job, especially on how to land your dream job.

I aim to change that.

Who am I?

I'm Joseph Louis Tan, aka The UX Careerpreneur.

Think of a talented UX designer meeting an entrepreneurial spirit - that's what a UX Careerpreneur is all about. I firmly believe your career is your most important business.

Currently, I'm the Head of Product Design at ContactOut. I also teach as an Adjunct Lecturer at Nanyang Technological University.

My past roles include Experience Design Manager at NTUC Income, Employee Journey Design Coach at DBS, Product Designer at Barrows, and Design Thinking Lecturer at NP, NYP, and ITE.

With extensive design experience and a passion for helping others, I'm dedicated to guiding UX job seekers to their dream careers.

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The UX Design Dream Job Guide Pack with 50+ PDF Guides & Templates

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